About Us

Blue Lake Paper Products was established in 2007 primarily as a coffee cup sleeve producer. Over the years we have acquired the skills and experience to produce an industry leading product at a competitive price sought after by the cafes and distributors across Canada.

In recent years we have formed a partnership with a leading manufacturer of disposable cups to produce a high quality product at one of the best prices in the Canadian market. Our business has now expanded to producing single wall cups, double wall cups, soup containers and take out containers using state of the art production equipment.

Advantage Blue Lake:
  1. In house design and development team which further ensures our innovation.
  2. Ability to produce unique design of products based on clients requirements.
  3. Ability to reproduce your products within our technical capabilities based on samples provided.
  4. Quality inspection at every stage of production to ensure strict requirements and to maintain certification.
  5. Quick turnaround times to ensure client satisfaction.